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Rumtsey to Tsomoriri Trek

No. of Days : 11 days Rumtsey to Tsomoriri
Grade : Moderate
Highest Point : Yalang Yugula (5440mtr.)
Best Period : 1 June to 1 October
  The remote high plateau of Changthang (meaning ‘northland’) stretches from western Tibet into eastern Ladakh. This region, known as the land of the nomads, will give you an experience to last a lifetime. See the nomads’ traditional lifestyle and share a cup of butter tea in one of their black yak-hair tents along the incredible oval-shaped bank of Tsomoriri. The lake changes its turquoise blue color with the light and is surrounded by a picturesque landscape. The area is also an important wildlife sanctuary, harboring snow leopards and wild asses, as well as various species of birds.
Rumtsey to Tsomoriri  

Rumtsey to Hemis trek

No. of Days : 6 days Rumtsey to Hemis
Grade : Challenging
Highest Point : Kongmaru La (5135mtr.)
Best Period : 1 June to 1 October
  Hemis is a town in India 40 km southeast of Leh in Ladakh, well known for the Hemis monastery that was established in 1672 AD by king Senge Nampar Gyalva. Hemis is best known to tourists for the colorful festival held in July.

Hemis also could be associated with the Hemis National Park, an area that is home to the endangered snow leopard.This trek gives you an opportunity to explore Wild life of Hemis National Park, remote villages and Nomadic area of Runsho. This Trek will unveil a region inhabited by Changpa Nomads, Wildlife, high pass, great Floras & Fauna and dramatic mountain scenery of Rupsho.

Rumtsey to Hemis

Rumtsey to Hemis  

Stok to Shang via Stok Kangri Trek

No. of Days : 7 days Stok to Shang via Stok Kangri
Grade : Moderate
Highest Point : Stok La (4900m)
Best Period : 1 July to 1 October
  In the cold desert of Ladakh each village stands out like an oasis. The availability of water determines the village's size the cropping season is restricted to one-third of the year because of the lengthy winter. Over the ages, barley has become the fulcrum around which culture of Ladakh revolves. Its flour forms the staple diet and it is fermented to make chaang. Animals provide transport, labour, wool, milk, and dung, the main fuel.
  Stok to Shang via Stok Kangri
Stok to Shang  

Saboo to Khaltsar Trek

No. of Days : 5 days Saboo to Khaltsar
Grade : Moderate
Highest Point : Digar La (5300mtr.)
Best Period : June to October
  This trek starts from Saboo village around 7 kms from Leh. You will be entering Nubra Valley via Digar La and walk along the Shyok river to Khaltsar from where you can drive to Nubra Valley or drive back to Leh via khardong la.
  Saboo to Khaltsar
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