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Glacier Trekking

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Most of the villages in the trans Himalayan region are supported by the many stream glaciers since the time they have settled here this beautiful region. Zanskar valley has many glaciers still remained unclimbed and untouched. It has many valley and moraine glaciers which provides an ideal opportunity for those mountain and glaciers lovers for glacier trekking and camping in this beautiful region.

We at Spiritual trek are manned by experienced mountaineer and powered by best possible equipments will lead in this part of the world for your new experience.

The glacier trek that we oganise ranges from easy to adventurous one keeping in thought test and interest of our clients.

Darangdurung Glacier Trek

  darangdurung glacier ladakh trekDarngdurung glacier is situated on the opposite of Pantsela pass, the highest pass on Kargil- Padum road. You will also see Dogsa, people with their animals at the base and surrounding areas of the glacier.
darangdurung glacier ladakh trek  

Raru to Shangka GlacierTrek

  Raru is a small village in Lungnak valley situated on the bank of Tserab river. After doing two day’sraru shangka glacier trek trek up in the valley, you will see the majestic Raru glacier. You will camp at the base of the glacier near a beautiful small lake.

The trek is quite tough and there are lots of peaks and passes. You can either climb the glacier and come back down to the village or continue your trek further if you think that you are strong enough and had some experience of mountaineering.

raru shangka glacier trek

raru shangka glacier trek  

Zungkul to Kistowar Trek

  Zungkul monastery is one of the oldest monastery in Zansker region. The great Indian yogi Naropa Zungkul to Kistowar glacier trek ladakh have said to mediated in the cafe for almost two years and blessed the region. He had then many followers and built the monastery and had become meditation place many Zanskari yogis. You will cross the famous Omasila pass and go in to Paldar valley. After finishing trek you can either drive to Jammu of to Himachal and Dharamsala, the home of the Dalai Lama.
  Mune to Sural via Potla Glacier
Mune to Sural via Potla Glacier  

Mune to Sural via Potla Glacier Trek

  Mune to Sural via Potla Glacier TrekYou will start your trek from Mune monastery, a small Gelukpa Monastery, founded by Changsem Sherab Zangbo in the late 14 century. The trek will pass through passes and glaciers. The route is the ancient trade route between Zandker and Pakdar and the people still use it.
  Zungkul to Kistowar glacier trek ladakh
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