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Meditational Tour

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meditational tour ladakhOften regarded as The Last Shangrila, Ladakh with its pristine nature and spiritual aura is one of the best places known to practice meditation. The Spiritual Trek with its expertise and wide range of staff including meditation instructors, proposed location has been for years organizing various meditation camps for groups and individuals or beginners and usual practitioners.  
meditational tour ladakh  

Cultural Tour

The Buddhist influence on Ladakh culture started as early as the 7th century. And now, this faith has gainedcultural tour ladakh dominance in this entire region. All over Ladakh, you will find ancient Buddhist rock engravings, even in the few areas dominated by Muslims. You will identify Buddhist villages by a distance, as Mani walls customarily mark the approach to these villages. These walls are long chest-high structures with engraved stones opposite them. The stones are inscribed with the mantra in mane paddle hum and by shorten, commemorative cairns, like stone pepper pots.

One of the major highlights of the culture of Leh Ladakh are the monasteries that you will find incultural tour ladakh almost every village. They may range from huge complexes consisting of a number of shrines, prayer halls, etc to a tiny hermitage housing a single image. The other dominant faith, that of Islam, finds a presence mainly in the western areas of Ladakh. The early conversion of the sub-rulers of Drass, Kargil and the Suru Valley led to the penetration of the Shia sect in Ladakh. In the areas dominated by the Muslims, you will mainly find mosques, ranging from the small unpretentious buildings to the huge Imambaras.
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