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Chadar Trekking

chadar trek ladakh  
No. of Days : 10 to 18 days frozen river trek
Grade : Moderate & Difficult
Highest Point : 3850 mts/12628 ft
Best Period : 20 january to End of Feburary
  Walking on Frozen river of Zanskar is an ultimate experience for adventure lover. The traditional name of the trek is "Chadar trek" the frozen sheet, which was only way in and out for Zanskaris ichadar trek ladakhn winter when all other ways are closed due to heavy snow fall at high passes. Therefore, it had been trade route for centuries for Zanskari People. Now the route is also famous as winter trekking among adventure lovers. For last several years, Spiritual Trek have been organizing this winter trek.

This Chadar trek allows you to penetrate this isolation and to examine some of the villages along the Zanskar River in the midst of winter and thus catch frozen river trek ladakha glimpse of the lifecycle during this unique time of the year. A visit to the ancient monastic establishments of Karsha and Zangla promises to heighten your insight into the mysteries of this Shangri-la, a land and culture frozen in time behind the ramparts of the Zanskar Mountains. Chilling and Lingshed are the only sizeable villages on this trek until Hanamur and Pidmo before Pishu and Zangla in Zanskar, all the rest are names of places and caves along the route.
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chadar trek ladakh  
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